Tuning three-term controllers for integrating and stable or unstable first order plus dead-time processes (Conference presentation)

Arvanitis, K.G.Bekiaris-Liberis, N.K.Pasgianos, G.D.

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dc.contributor.authorArvanitis, K.G.en
dc.contributor.authorBekiaris-Liberis, N.K.en
dc.contributor.authorPasgianos, G.D.en
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dc.subjectDelay control systemsen
dc.subjectElectric control equipmenten
dc.subjectProportional control systemsen
dc.subjectThree term control systemsen
dc.subjectTime delay, Closed loop responseen
dc.subjectController settingen
dc.subjectDirect synthesis methoden
dc.subjectFirst order plus dead timeen
dc.subjectFirst-order processen
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dc.subjectPid controller tuningen
dc.subjectPseudo derivative feedback controlleren
dc.titleTuning three-term controllers for integrating and stable or unstable first order plus dead-time processesen
heal.generalDescriptionart. no. 7075051, pp. 4151-4156en
heal.generalDescriptionAgricultural University of Athens, 75 Iera Odos Str., Botanikos, Greeceen
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heal.bibliographicCitationArvanitis, K.G., Pasgianos, G.D., Klogeropoulos, G., New simple methods of tuning three-term controllers for dead-time processes (2005) WSEAS Trans. Systems, 4, pp. 114-1162en
heal.abstractA new direct synthesis method for tuning the Pseudo-Derivative Feedback controller for integrating as well as stable or unstable first order processes with time delay is presented. The proposed control structure and tuning method ensure smooth closed-loop response to set-point changes, fast regulatory control and sufficient robustness against parametric uncertainty. Simulation results show that the proposed method is as efficient as the best of the most recent PID controller tuning methods that are known in the extant literature, while its simplicity in deriving the controller settings is a plus point over existing PID controller tuning methods. © 2009 EUCA.en
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heal.conferenceName2009 European Control Conference, ECC 2009en
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