Sampled - Data optimal output - Feedback H ∞-control for designing excitation controllers of a turbogenerator - System (Conference presentation)

Boglou, A.K.Bandekas, D.V.Pappas, D.I.

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In the present work the technique used is based on multirate -output controllers having a multirate sampling mechanism with different sampling period in each measured output quantity of the system. It relies mainly, under appropriate conditions, on the reduction of the original H ∞- disturbance attenuation problem to an associated discrete H ∞- control problem for which a fictitious static state feedback controller is to be designed, even though some state variables may not be available (measurable) for feedback purposes. The discrete linear open-loop system model under consideration (which includes a disturbance term) is systematically derived from the associated continuous 3th -order MIMO linearized open-loop model of a practical power system, with turbogenerator supplying power to an infinite grid through a step-up transformer and an appropriate transmission line.
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Subject classification: Controllers
Keywords: Control problems;Disturbance;Disturbance attenuation;Excitation controllers;Multi rate;Multirate sampling;Open loop systems;Open loops;Output controllers;Sampling period;State variables;Static state feedback;Step up transformers;Transmission line, Electric power transmission;Optimization;Power transmission;Standby power systems;State feedback;Systems science;Turbines;Turbogenerators, Controllers
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