Chaotic behaviour in the non-linear optimal control of unilaterally contacting building systems during earthquakes (Conference presentation)

Liolios, A.A.Boglou, A.K.

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dc.titleChaotic behaviour in the non-linear optimal control of unilaterally contacting building systems during earthquakesen
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heal.generalDescriptionDepartment of Civil Engineering, Democritus University of Thrace, GR-67100 Xanthi, Greeceen
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heal.bibliographicCitationPanagiotopoulos, P.D., (1993) Hemivariational Inequalities. Applications in Mechanics and Engineering, , Berlin: Springer-Verlag; Panagiotopoulos, P.D., (1985) Inequality Problems in Mechanics and Applications. Convex and Nonconvex Energy Functions, , Boston: Birkhäuser Verlag; Panagiotopoulos, P.D., Optimal control of unilateral structural analysis problems (1980) Proceedings of the IUTAM Symposium on Structural Control, , Leipholz HHE, editor. Amsterdam: North-Holland; Panagiotopoulos, P.D., Optimal control of structures with convex and nonconvex energy densities and variational and hemivariational inequalities (1984) Eng. Struct., 6, pp. 12-18; Maier, G., Incremental elastoplastic analysis in the presence of large displacements and physical instabilizing effects (1971) Int. J. Solids Struct., 7, pp. 345-372; Liolios, A.A., A finite-element central-difference approach to the dynamic problem of nonconvex unilateral contact between structures (1984) Numerical Methods and Applications, pp. 394-401., B. Sendov, R. Lazarov, & P. Vasilevski. Sofia: Bulgarian Academy of Sciences; Liolios, A.A., A linear complementarity approach to the nonconvex dynamic problem of unilateral contact with friction between adjacent structures (1989) Z. Angew. Math. Mech., 69, pp. T420-T422; Bertero, V.V., Observations on structural pounding (1987) Proceedings of the International Conference on the Mexico Earthquakes, pp. 264-278., ASCE; Anagnostopoulos, S.A., Spiliopoulos, K.V., Analysis of building pounding due to earthquakes (1991) Structural Dynamics, pp. 479-484., Krätzig WB et al., editors. Rotterdam: Balkema; Wolf, J.P., Skrikerud, P.E., Mutual pounding of adjacent structures during earthquakes (1980) Nucl. Eng. Des., 57, pp. 253-275; Bisbos, C., Aktive Steuerung erdbebenerregter Hochhäuser (1985) ZAMM, 65, pp. T297-T299; Zacharenakis, E.C., On the disturbance attenuation and H∞ - Optimization in structural analysis (1997) ZAMM, Z. Angew. Math. Mech., 77 (3), pp. 189-195; Paraskevopoulos, P.N., (1996) Digital Control Systems, , London: Prentice-Hall Inc; Boglou, A.K., Papadopoulos, D.P., Frequency-domain order reduction methods applied to a hydro power system (1988) Arch. Elektrotech., 71, pp. 413-419; Baniotopoulos, C.C., Optimal control of above-ground pipelines under dynamic excitations (1995) Int. J. Pressure Vessel Piping, 63, pp. 211-222; Panagiotopoulos, P.D., Non-convex energy functions. Hemivariational inequalities and substationarity principles (1983) Acta Mech., 48, pp. 111-130; Gulick, D., (1992) Encounters with Chaos, , London: McGraw-Hill; Chen, W.F., Lui, E.M., (1981) Structural Stability, , New York: Elsevier; Andronaty, N.R., Geru, V., Geru, I., Bleris, G., Anagnostopoulos, A.N., Exciton-acoustical waves in optical excited semiconductors (2001) Proceedings of the International Conference on Applied Non-Linear Dynamics, , Bleris G, Anagnostopoulos AN, et al., editors. 27-30/8, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece, Abstracts Book 2002, and private communication; Antoniou, I., Prigogine, I., Sadovnichii, V., Shkarin, S., Time operator for diffusion (2000) Chaos, Solitons and Fractals, 11, pp. 465-477en
heal.abstractThe paper presents a new numerical approach for a non-linear optimal control problem arising in earthquake civil engineering. This problem concerns the elastoplastic softening-fracturing unilateral contact between neighbouring buildings during earthquakes when Coulomb friction is taken into account under second-order instabilizing effects. So, the earthquake response of the adjacent structures can appear instabilities and chaotic behaviour. The problem formulation presented here leads to a set of equations and inequalities, which is equivalent to a dynamic hemivariational inequality in the way introduced by Panagiotopoulos [Hemivariational Inequalities. Applications in Mechanics and Engineering, Springer-Verlag, Berlin, 1993]. The numerical procedure is based on an incremental problem formulation and on a double discretization, in space by the finite element method and in time by the Wilson-script v sign method. The generally non-convex constitutive contact laws are piecewise linearized, and in each time-step a non-convex linear complementarity problem is solved with a reduced number of unknowns. © 2002 Elsevier Science Ltd. All rights reserved.en
heal.conferenceNameChaos, Solitons and Fractals, 17 (2-3)en
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