Study on the entrapment of mercury in porous glasses by neutron scattering in conjunction with mercury porosimetry (Journal article)

Makri, P.K.Stefanopoulos, K.L.Mitropoulos, A.C.Kanellopoulos, N.K.Treimer, W.

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A series of controlled porous glasses (CPGs) with pore sizes from 17 to 300 nm has been examined by very-small-angle neutron scattering (VSANS). The scattering curves show a peak in a range of Q values, depending on the particle size to the average pore size ratio. The entrapment of mercury in CPGs having undergone a complete intrusion-extrusion cycle has also been examined by VSANS. The peak positions do not vary for the mercury-loaded samples suggesting no structural changes due to the high intrusion pressures involved (60,000 psi). It was concluded that an amount of mercury blobs is trapped within the cavities of the glasses.
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Subject classification: Glass
Keywords: Mercury (metal);Neutron scattering;Controlled porous glass
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