Characterisation of porous solids by simplified gas relative permeability measurements (Journal article)

Steriotis, T.A.Katsaros, F.K.Mitropoulos, A.Stubos, A.K.Kanellopoulos, N.K.

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dc.contributor.authorSteriotis, T.A.en
dc.contributor.authorKatsaros, F.K.en
dc.contributor.authorMitropoulos, A.en
dc.contributor.authorStubos, A.K.en
dc.contributor.authorKanellopoulos, N.K.en
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dc.subjectPore structure characterisation;en
dc.subjectRelative permeabilityen
dc.titleCharacterisation of porous solids by simplified gas relative permeability measurementsen
heal.generalDescriptionVolume 2 , Issue 1, pp. 73-77en
heal.generalDescriptionNCSR 'DEMOKRITOS', Institute of Physical Chemistry, Aghia Paraskevi Attikis, 15310, Greeceen
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heal.abstractA novel design for the application of a simplified experimental procedure, capable of providing satisfactory relative permeability data for porous media at low relative pressures, is presented. The technique avoids the two-component mixing complications as well as the problems arising from the sample macroscopic inhomogeneity. The latter has been reduced with the aid of a variable pressure compaction procedure. Thus, it becomes easier to utilise the powerful relative permeability technique for the characterisation of the structure of porous solids. Emphasis is given to the combination of the relative permeability data obtained with an analytical approach based on Effective Medium Theory for the calculation of pore connectivity. © 1995 Kluwer Academic Publishers.en
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heal.journalNameJournal of Porous Materialsen
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