Characterization of the flow properties in Vycor by combining dynamic and scattering techniques (Journal article)

Stefanopoulos, K.L.Beltsios, K.Makri, P.K.Steriotis, T.A.Mitropoulos, A.C.Kanellopoulos, N.K.

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Vycor 7930 porous glass was studied by adsorption in conjunction with small-angle scattering and by relative permeability. By loading Vycor porous glass with two different adsorbates, (H2O, CH2Br2), it was found from scattering experiments that the defractalization process in faster for H2O than for CH2Br2. In addition, when measuring dynamic properties (such as relative permeability of He) the systems are found markedly different. It was concluded that the surface fractality influences both equilibrium (adsorption) and dynamic (permeability) processes.
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Subject classification: Glass
Keywords: Adsorption;Glass;Carbon inorganic compounds
Publisher: Δεν υπάρχει πληροφορία
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